Sunday, November 21, 2010

A FUN Day!

PerformanceYesterday, I worked at a vendor fair, that was at a gymnastics competition at Hamline University.  My friend Pam and I had a Shaklee booth.  We sampled the Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink, which was a big hit!  Performance is similar to Gatorade without the Artificial Flavoring and all the sugar.  Performance helps to rehydrate fast during and after exercise and also has OptiCarb for Instant and Sustained Energy.  Performance is also great for kids who might be dehydrated when they are sick.  It has electrolytes in it just like Pedialyte however it doesn't have the artificial coloring and flavoring.  Yah something healthy and yummy you can make for your kids!  Performance comes in Lemon Lime or Orange flavors.  Check out my website for more info.  Remember there is FREE MEMBERSHIP the month of November with any $70 order.

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