Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little by Little!

imageOver the summer, I decided to do a makeover to my families diet.  My objective was to cut down on processed foods and increase the fruits and veggies.  I thought this would be easy... boy was I wrong.   The length of each meal increased by at least 20 minutes, and the whining and complaining almost made me looney.  I am going to share some ways that have made eating vegetables a little more tolerable for everyone in my family.  The first is to add veggies to a smoothie.  My kids love eating smoothies with their breakfast, so this a great way to get a serving of vegetables first thing in the morning!  This is one of our favorites:

           The Green Machine Smoothie:
                  1 overflowing cup of fresh spinach leaves
                  1/2 cup frozen pineapple
                  1/2 banana
                  6 oz of french vanilla yogurt
                  3-5 ice cubes
                  6 oz of liquid ( I use green tea or lemonade)

I will be back tomorrow with another great way to make veggies more enticing!

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